More than 20 years ago, Bill Hybels founded The Global Leadership Summit with a vision to bring the best of leadership learning to the local church. Fast forward to 2017. The event has grown to become one of the premier leadership conferences in the world—attracting a global audience of more than 400,000 people with a world-class faculty….


The 2017 Global Leadership Summit will feature a session with Laszlo Bock, who helps us understand Google’s innovative leadership culture. In the article below, Bock shares 10 Secrets to Running a Company Everyone Wants to Work For. Since joining Google as its senior vice president of People Operations in 2006, Laszlo Bock has seen the…


While investigating the genocide in Rwanda for the United Nations in 1994, attorney Gary Haugen directed the exhumation of mass graves to collect evidence for the subsequent war-crimes tribunal. Then on loan from the Department of Justice, Haugen witnessed one of the 20th century’s bloodiest conflicts, and says he saw how evil triumphed when no one…


—Question sent in from a UK/Ireland pastor matched with a relevant answer from 363gls.com


Every single organisation is searching for ways to increase performance and engagement—ideally without blowing up the company and starting from scratch. But how can you do it? We know the answer. But it’s easy to overlook, because we expect the solution to such a crucial problem to be complex, theoretical, difficult. Instead it’s deceptively simple….

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